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We make sure your music becomes available on practically all Digital Service Providers worldwide. From Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music and Apple Music to obscure niche platforms in the corners of the internet (click here for a full list). Included in the package is delivery to various Social Media such as Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, as well as safeguarding your rights via Content-ID on Youtube and other DSPs (restrictions apply).

Digital Distribution is free of charge, but we work with a revenue share (keeping a small percentage of your royalties to cover our costs). Our CMS features realtime analytics and royalty tools: you can always check how your music is performing. Royalties are accounted monthly.

Request an account by clicking Apply and we will get back to you with a revenue share proposal after analysis of your application.


We are here for you, personal, approachable and without prejudice. We are not an "app" or a "platform" or an IT company, but rather a group of music lovers doing what we do best: supporting our artists and labels in having their art heard, seen and appreciated. Your music is worth it.


With over 30 years of experience in the Music Industry, The Source is not merely an aggregator. Over the years, as a service provider to labels, content owners and artists, we've accumulated skills and knowledge on a wide range of topics. From video production to audio mastering, licensing and music rights to catalog management, royalty accounting and music marketing to database management and software development.*

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There are still hidden gems decaying away in studio and label basements everywhere. Piles of archive boxes and old tapes, containing exhilarating catalog just waiting to be re-discovered and unveiled digitally.

From years of helping our client labels make sense of old music archives, we have amassed considerable experience in converting obscurely formatted databases and paper files into rich digital databases with full CMS integration.

This includes scanning old archives, contracts, artwork and photos, digitizing obsolete media formats and linking it all together.*


Sometimes labels just don't have the people, capacity, knowledge or funds to focus on the more specialist aspects of label operations, with daily recurring aspects such as A&R, release planning, artist guidance and marketing requiring their full attention instead.
Outsourcing these tasks to third party companies or consultants can be prohibitively expensive.
This is where our powerful Content Editor CMS, and its underlying super fast data processing algorithms come in handy.
Combining our CMS and extensive knowledge of the music industry, rights and licensing management, you can offload any of these tasks on us for a relatively small outlay or sometimes even within your existing revenue share deal, cherrypicking the aspects you have the greatest need for.
From relatively simple Content Management to consultancy on label strategy and having us manage your contracts, licensing requests and royalty accounting for both physical and digital sales; practically everything is possible.*

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Getting signed to a label nowadays is a challenge, if not impossible. And when you get signed, you don't always receive everything you need from a label.
Consequently, many artists choose to represent themselves, becoming their own label. This has become exceedingly easy thanks to the democratizing effects of digital distribution and social media. However, where do you start?

Artists already benefit from the content management, sales analytics and royalty accounting aspects of our Content Editor CMS, even outside of digital distribution.
Recently, we've started to expand our services even further into label territory, offering playlist curation, DSP marketing and pitching solutions, artist profile creation, artist profile verification.*

We are not a label, but we're confident that our independent artists have found us to be much more of a home than regular aggregators. Allowing them to concentrate on that most important thing: their music. Please note that not all coaching and extra services are available for labels; these are primarily aimed at individual artists.

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Our platform, the Content Server, includes everything needed for the complete life-cycle of a digital release: an ingestion platform (Release Builder), a content management solution (the Content Editor), a delivery platform (which communicates with the DSPs) and a royalty accounting suite.

If you want to offer digital distribution as part of your own brand, we offer a customized (white-label) release builder and custom branded analytics and statements.*

Additionally, our platform can also be used as a CMS and database solution for feeding websites and applications with audio and video content.*

*) Disclaimer: not all of the above mentioned services, outside of regular digital distribution and normal use of our systems, are included in the revenue share deal. Many of the mentioned services are paid options. Contact us for further details.


Read what our clients say about us. We present you some case studies; independent artists, labels and content owners alike. 


Double 2 Media Productions

The advantage of working with the Source is that they share their expertise at the right moment. And vice versa. On that basis, working together organically transformed into collaboration as a team.
In this way it becomes easy to find ways not only to increase turnover, but also to improve it qualitatively.

Let me give an example. Since August, 2016 I own, together with my San Diego partner "Reelin' In The Years", the video catalogue of once legendary “Europe's # 1 Rock Show Countdown". In the many conversations I had with The Source about Countdown, it became clear that we should archive and digitize of this extensive project very precisely and accurately. While going ahead with this, our American side stayed on top of maintaining the proper agency, never losing sight of the global market value of the Countdown brand. The combined knowledge and the right questions, the wishes and ideas and a considerable amount of technical expertise have come together in such a good collaboration, that we are now setting up exploitation, first through a Dutch-only version of the Countdown Youtube Channel, as a team!

Besides digital distribution of our other brand “Jan Douwe Kroeske presents 2 Meter Sessions” by The Source, they have also brought Monetization of the 2 Meter Session YouTube channel to a whole new level. We first record the Sessions, safeguarding the musical content as extensively as possible, while The Source provides us with their knowledge and technical expertise, powering the channel together. The source of a good collaboration!

Jan Douwe Kroeske


Room Service Recordings

'Analogue values in a digital age'

We from Room Service Recordings are a team of enthousiast, hard working composers, producers and musicians who care about original pop music. We believe in afflatus, creativity and experiment. For us no dime a dozen, but a small roster of artists with music that transcends the average.

We absolutely love working with The Source as they are open to new and authentic artists, constantly improve their online services and provide top notch personal support.

Arjan de Wit

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